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What is eCTD ?

eCTD-Electronic Common Technical Document is a system based on a set of specification used by the pharmaceutical industry to send regulatory documents to regulatory bodies.The eCTD Specification are published by regional FDA bodies and ICH.eCTD is based on 5 Module CTD strutcute.An eCTD Submssion has an XML backbone that provided vital information to the reviewer on the submission and its lifecycle.

Perfect Pharmaceutical Consultants provides following eCTD services

eCTD submisison and Publishing Services
  • Compilation of USDMF in eCTD
  • Paper to eCTD Conversion services
  • eCTD Publishing
  • eCTD Submission service to USFDA, Health Canada, EDQM, EMEA
  • Filling of US Drug Master Files(DMF Submission),Certificate of Suitability(CEP),TYPE II DMF ,Master Files,CTD Dossiers
  • Originals, Amendments, Annual report Submissions,eCTD baseline Submissions,Medical Device Submissions
  • eCTD Life Cycle Maintenance

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) USA

Drug Master File Submission

As of 5th May 2018, US FDA requires all applications for DRUG Master File ( US DMF) TYPE II, IV, and V to be in eCTD Format,all submission in NON eCTD Format after this date will be rejected by US FDA.

Which Type of Submission are required in eCTD Format ??USDMF ECTD SUBMISSION
  • Original Application - NEW DMFs
  • Annual Reports
  • Amendments
  • Issue of Letter of Authorization, Withdrawal of Authorization

Perfect Pharmaceutical Consultants Pvt LTD is a specalist in eCTD Conversion and Filling

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